Stupid Things I Did This Month #3

March: Road Trips & Running in the Rain

By Jacob Pickle
Hello, everyone. I hope that this month of March has been good to you and that your Wellness Day was a good form of a Spring break.
March was a pretty interesting month for me. As soon as I had heard that the University was planning on taking away Spring Break in exchange for one singular wellness day, I knew that I was just going to have to make my own Spring Break, and that’s exactly what I did. 
The beginning of this Spring Break started with a trip to Atlanta with one of my best friends, DJ Carter Sheldon, for a Christian rap concert. Road trips are always a blast, and especially so with great company. After a stop at Buc-ees in which I spent entirely too much money on fudge, Carter and I trekked onto west Atlanta just in time for the concert. The concert was an event like no other I’ve been to. There were many artists that neither me nor Mr. Sheldon had heard before, but we had a great time with an electric audience. After the concert, we realized we had not eaten since about... 11 hours ago at noon. We discovered that Atlanta is not “the city that never sleeps,”  because there was only one restaurant open in the greater Atlanta area. It was fortunate for us, as I had the greatest lamb burger I’ve had in my life. We finally got to bed at Carter’s house later that night, and then turned around the next morning and journeyed back to the beautiful city of Tuscaloosa. 

Brief minutes after returning to Tuscaloosa, I turned around and drove home for the weekend to spend time with my family in Panama City, Florida. Three states in a day certainly allowed me to see lots of interstate and much of the southeast. The weekend home was a joy. Home Cooked meals, time spent at the beach, and watching Alabama basketball made for a fantastic time. The only downside of the visit was getting absolutely fried at the beach. I’m quite prideful and confident in my ability to tan without getting burnt, but I was humbled that weekend. I’m still peeling from that sunburn, but it was worth it to get some good beach time with my family.
The final trip of the month was to the unique city of New Orleans to help out with a charity golf tournament run by my former youth pastor. It was a great time as a whole, and the aspect of stupidity that came into play was being suckered into buying a $15 crepe from the French market. I was hustled by a vendor who convinced me to splurge on the wonderful culinary creation. The fifteen dollars, however, was far more than worth it when the Nutella, peanut butter, bananas, and bacon, yes, bacon, hit my taste buds. 
Three road trips in two weekends were more than exhausting, and I think I’m still recovering from the drastic sleep deficit I accumulated. I can also say that I’ve been to 5 states in the last 10 days and hope to continue to knock off some more states in the Southeast before the semester is over. 
The road trips were a pretty large portion of the levels of stupidity for the month, but here’s a short list of other goofy scenarios I found myself in:
·      Spent 25 hours researching analytics for my March madness Bracket only to have it busted on the very first day of the tournament
·      Played spike ball in the mud and rain right after the Tornado warnings last Wednesday (sorry UA Groundskeeping)
·      Got caught in the rain trying to buy a Blenz Bowl
·      Drove 8 hours to see the Tide play in the Sweet Sixteen (hopefully on Sunday)

I hope this month has been good to you. Stay healthy, Roll Tide, and God Bless.

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