What I Learned From Being in a Family Band #4

Worshipping God With Your Life: An Interview with Allison Haskell

By: Micah Upham
If you have not gotten the chance to talk to Allison Haskell you are missing out. You have definitely seen her leading worship and singing on Sunday mornings or Tuesdays nights. Allison grew up singing. She sang in choir since 4th grade, learned to play ukelele in 7th grade and guitar by 8th grade. As soon as she learned the basics of guitar she was leading youth group worship. She loves to sing and I doubt that will ever change. The good news if you haven’t met her is that although she is a senior, she will still be hanging around next year as a fellow just waiting for you to come and talk to her. Until then let’s take a look at some of the biggest lessons she wanted to share.

The first is vulnerability. It doesn’t come very naturally to anyone but it is important. It is easy to be closed off and to hide our struggles. But when we open up about our sin struggles and share with others, it opens a much needed conversation and creates a community that can help each other. Sin was never meant to be dealt with by ourselves. We are #BetterTogether. Vulnerability improves your walk with the Lord, but it also improves your relationship with your friends. You may be surprised when you open up just how often others will share as well. Our struggles aren’t something to be proud of, but they are important to share at least with our close friends for accountability and help. 

The second is holding plans more loosely. “Your” plan might not alway happen. Like so many others, Allison had the “typical” life plan. Go to college, get a degree, get married, and live life. But sometimes God says no, or not yet. Allison goes on to explain that if you hold on to your own plans too tightly, you can miss the beauty of what God has in store for you. He prepares our paths, even when we don’t see it. It is important to have plans, but hold them loosely and accept directional changes. Above all don’t doubt the Lord and pray that your heart’s desire will align with God’s will. 

The third is appropriate worship. Not just on Tuesday nights or Sunday mornings. Allison explains that while she has been a worship leader for a while it has taken some learning to genuinely worship God in her whole life. Worship is not just singing, it can be found in everything we do. We worship by living our life in a God honoring way and by stewarding what you have well for the Lord. We worship God in work, relationships, and school. Yes school. Being a good christian doesn’t mean getting all A’s, but it does mean that God has called us to be students right now and we should pursue this as best we can. God has plans for our future we can’t understand, so don’t wait to worship. Worship where you are, hold onto your plans with a looser grip, and be vulnerable with others.

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