Student leadership

Dedicated student leaders
are the backbone of First College.

At First College Ministry we believe that although life is continually changing, our call to servant leadership is constant. We want to equip you during your tenure as a student, from your first day on campus until you walk across the stage at graduation, to serve those around you as Christ did. To that end we provide you, the student, the following leadership opportunities...

Freshman Serve Team

Spring semester is for serving! Each November we invite freshmen interested in serving on our Lead Team to jumpstart their involvement and increase their leadership experience by applying for/participating in our Freshman Serve Team.

If you are interested in this opportunity we want you to know that Freshman Serve Team members are expected to be consistently involved and invested in First College Ministry, agree with our vision for ministry, and desire to see our ministry efforts be the best they can be.

Leadership Team

The First College Ministry student leadership team exists as our attempt to faithfully pursue the biblical call for the church to train and equip the saints for ministry. As such, we believe our college ministry functions best when led by college students.

Our student leadership philosophy is structured with the intent of empowering students to lead in areas that best fit their gifts and calling. We have opportunities ranging from freshman family group leadership to special event coordination. Within this framework, our goal is, in the short-term, to help you live your college years well - growing in Christ and helping others do the same. In the long-term, we want to cultivate you as leaders in the Church no matter where you end up after graduation.

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